LTC – a model for holiday productivity

We all need breaks, time away from work, stress and the pressures of reality. And it’s easy to take this holiday time for granted, simply sit and enjoy as the waves lap against the shore and the sun beams down on you as you doze off in the hot summer breeze.

But there’s always someone in that 6 degrees of separation that always seems to be doing something on their holidays, their time off seems almost as intense as a working day, you almost feel like you need a holiday to get over the holiday.

For me, I fall somewhere in between, I get too restless for 1 week by the pool as the though of climbing the Andes seems traumatic. At the same time, I want my holiday to be meaningful and memorable.

I started doing LTC – which basically stands for “Learn something new, Try something new, Create something new” – the idea is that by the end of your holiday you should have one thing to append to each of these three attributes. I apply this every holiday i have (even just a long weekend), and what i append to L or T or C really is my preference, I generally try and make that proportional to the length of my holiday.

Recently my most productive LTC holiday was over Chinese New Year I managed to Learn the basics of Python coding language, Try a stay at a new hotel and try a staycation style work-holiday, and Create business plans for a few side projects that has previously simply sat as abstract ideas.

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