Gratefulness Challenge

I’m generally by default a really negative/ pessimistic person, perhaps realist might be a better term for it. Regardless, this means that when making decisions i generally focus on the risks before looking at the opportunities, this makes me very good at Operations work but terrible at sales and even worse at staff moral. I started doing the gratefulness challenge as way of maintaining positivity in my routine. I do it daily and I do it in the evening as one of the last things i do for the day.

The basic premise of the Gratefulness Challenge is to reflect on the day and pick three things that you should be grateful for and list them out. For me, this helps me celebrate the small wins and appreciate the lessons i’ve learnt from the day. It helps shift the mindset from one focus on why something might break or how something could fail, to on focus on finding solutions and learning from the experience.

It would come across that the gratefulness challenge is a stupid team building exercise, but that subtile change in mindset has a compounded effect over time in help you to be happier and therefore more productive at work, it helps build grit, because even on the toughest of days, you have to search for a positive outcome, and that mental conditioning is certainly worth sparing 10 minutes at the end of the day for.

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