Cv’s and Fluff

Having done several hires from Director level down to Intern level. I’d say that Cv’s are generally useless proportional to the position level and years experience.

We often hear about companies wanting to hire for cultural fit, and that ‘personality’ is valued more than academic ability, yet, the CV will never be able to reflect this information.

CV’s are useful as an initial elimination, especially for the more specialised and technical roles where you know that a specific, trainable skill set is required – C++ programming skills, medical degree etc.

However nothing beats interviews for assessing the viability of a candidate, so long as you know how to look beyond confidence and inspect the candidates competence.

More to the point, personally i find that the more senior the role, the more i rely on personal recommendation and referal, its rare that i’ve found a Director level + candidate simply from a CV, more often they’ve been passed to me by personal referral, i think this is the highest quality of candidate, when someone i trust or i know within the same industry passes a recommendation, even more so, when that person has a reputation of their own.

So as a hirer, i’d say keep any eye out for personal referrals. As a candidate, i’d say, focus on trying to get someone to refer you, and make sure your CV shows actual competency and result, NOT, bravado and confidence.

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