You can impress without a suit

(credit to the original writer – Momo)

I’m writing this as part of a dissection and elaboration of Momo’s article. so this is part one, focusing only on “Lesson 1: You can impress without a suit.”

There are basically three things that define how a strong impression is made:

Personality is a combination of a lot of things: The way you talk. The way you laugh. How you project yourself to people. Your quirks and gimmicks. Your tone of voice. Your manners. That hat you always wear. That flowery pattern on the elbows of your shirt. What people will remember you for.

Passion is what gets you excited. Hopefully it will be something not related to work. Truth be told, the most interesting people I’ve met are passionate about things entirely unrelated to their field. What people will want to ask you more about.

Potential is what you can do for others. This is arguably the most important thing to let others know about you. How can you help others? What makes you be the answer to someone else’s question? This is what people will recommend you for.

I’ve been very lucky in my career, in that i fell into an industry that was growing and i was actually quite good at. And that industry was good to me, giving me an amazing foundation and lots of opportunities. I’ve also been really lucky to have lots of opportunities to try new things and experience new things, and my LTC strategy helps promote this mind set. I’ve even been lucky in where my career has taken me. London has always been know as a hub for creative thinking and amazing story telling; i reach Shanghai just as it became one of the worlds leading centers for startups and innovation.

This might all seem like a bit of boasting, but what it comes down to is that these cumulated experiences have helped develop Personality, Passion and Potential. I feel that all three really boil down to a reflection of persons cumulative experiences.

These experiences don’t need to be profession per-se, though it should be obvious that at least an iota of knowledge here would be beneficial. so lets look in more detail at how experiences help shape and develop Personality, Passion and Potential.

Personality – experiences generally challenge our status quo in positive and negative ways, this forces us to adopt and compensate, how we adopt both physically and mentally has a huge impact on our view of the world and how it works, defining our personality. as such, the more experiences you have and actively pursue, there more you find out about yourself and, consequently, the more you develop your own unique sense of the world, how it works and your place in the world, that in turn, develops your personality.

Passion – as with personality, exposing yourself to experiences helps you develop tastes and preferences, from here, its easier to find your passions and put you in a position to pursue those passions.

Potential – having and pursuing experiences also helps condition your mindset towards one that is forward thinking and actively seeks new experiences, this helps you develop a mindset of potential, one here you feel comfortable looking for new and interesting ways to support your passions or get things done.

So, how does this all help you ‘impress without a suit’? simply put, experiences help you to foster creativity and innovation, experiences help you actively focus and pursue the opportunities that are aligned with your passions, making you better suited to them, experiences help you to have deeper and more unique perspectives about those things that you’re passionate about…. naturally all these things contribute to helping you come across as more capable, knowledgeable and passionate


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