Routine and its ability to develop Grit

I made this joke the other day with the ‘smart thinking meme’

Sure, its sounds like i’m complaining about the fact that i have to work a weekend, and sure, its tough that sometimes i can’t get a break to ‘just do nothing’ but in the wider scheme of things, i actually enjoy the sense of routine i have. I get up at a reasonable hour and sleep at a reasonable hour every day. and i usually spend from 07.30 till 12.30 working on various projects every single day (including weekends), during week days that extends till 1800, and on weekends i allow myself some time off from around 1430. I like the routine, and it actually gets me frustrated when i can’t keep to it, i like accomplishing goals, even one’s i set myself, routine helps me to do this.

Routine reduces options, which allows me to focus on the task at hand and achieve my objectives, it allows me to predict and plan, which helps me maintain a sense of order, this predicability helps develop discipline by allowing you restrict the variables that affect your state of mind. So, duty gives you a goal, routine gives you the structure and through that, you forge discipline.


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