Self-help is just a circle jerk

Ok, i’ll admit it, the title is a bit of an attention grabber, but my point is really self-help advise is all well and good, but far too many people seem to think that ALL they need to do is read The Secret, or listen to a few Tony Robbins tapes and the universe will provide.

I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous thinking, the problem i have with Self-help is they give you lots of abstract concepts and theories and ideals, trying to help you think positively and have a growth mindset. But rarely do i see them showing you HOW to APPLY these concepts. Its one thing to have a philosophy of thinking positively, its an entirely another to actually know how to practice that, and a yet even harder challenge to apply it and apply it regularly.

Ok, maybe i’m taking too aggressive a pot-shot at the self-help community, the reality is that they provide good advice. Really the issue is – that’s not enough. Its simply advice, you need follow through, and my concern is that self-help can sometimes hinder that though process, because people can get stuck in the message and get swept up in the cheerleading chorus of “Embrace your hustle. Embrace the struggle. Chase the dream.”

But, what does it mean to hustle? Have you REALLY struggled? HOW do you hustle? – its all well and good having a mantra, but these are just words.

In business, you’re ultimately judged on your actions and what you deliver, your results, having a mantra is all well and good until it fails you. if you’ve got a mantra that motivates you, thats great, but you need to follow it up with action, you need to back it up with results, anything less and you’re simply standing on a soapbox.

The even bigger threat is when this self-help actually creates a sense of¬†delusional thinking here’s an example – “i don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all” (coco chanel) – thats just stupid… in the wrong mindset this simply leads to a sense of self-entitlement and arrogance where none might be deserved, that arrogance and inflated ego can hold a person back from learning and discovering more about themselves and treating criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow.

So, whilst its good to live by a mantra and be inspired by these self-help tools and motivational quotes, one still needs to retain a sense of humility and willingness to learn as to actually improve, and one still needs to be able to actually deliver.

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