Live a Life of Life Long Learning

The last two years have been pivotal for my personal development, mostly stemming from the passing of a dear friend. This and a month long hiatus kickstarted something in me.

I’ve since developed a keen-ness in learning, not just for the end goal of something that can be applicable or recognised, but also for the pure interest in a subject matter. I’ve studied multiple sports certifications, apprenticed with a physiotherapist, learnt JavaScript, studied basics in the Common Law of England, to name a few.

This has really given me insight even on a foundational level into other industries and other ways of thinking, and for someone working in tech, innovation and digital this is crucial. it’s so important that we learn from other fields of study, that cross pollination of concepts, approaches and theory is so useful, not just from an absolute knowledge perspective, but also from the perspective of enabling and developing lateral thinking and creativity.

The more you learn the more you understand the world and formulate perspectives, and the more you do this, the more you can develop a sense for the opportunities and potentials in the world around you.

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