make the call

I had an interesting experience with a friend of mine previously who was getting very anxious about some decisions she had made whilst in a leadership position. She was very concerned about if she was going to make the right choices, what the ramifications of those choices might be and how she might be able to deal the eventualities of any choice she picked. Nw the key here is she’s trying to predict the future, these are choices she has not yet made.

Now, in general, we’ll assume that you do your due diligence and investigate and assess and weigh up the pro’s and cons and benefits and disadvantages as you normally would, this should be standard practice.

But what if you’re picking between a rock and a hard place, what if the decision you have to make is too similar or it disadvantages so aligned that really, no matter how you try and deal with the situation you’re still going to end up in a pickle, naturally at this point you want to assess which has the minimal disadvantage, and which you can recover from quickest.

The reality is that as a leader, sometimes even after all the due diligence, even after all the planning, forecasting and attempts to read the tealeaves and predict the future, at some point, you just need to be conclusively decisive and make the call, which ever choice that is.

Even when you do everything right, you could be wrong, as Nokia found out when they finally succumbed and were acquired by Microsoft ending with the line – “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”

as a leader, its your job to make a decision, and deal with the consequences of that decision no matter what they are good or bad. thats what you’re paid to do, thats why people trust you and thats why you’ve . been given that position of authority. If can’t make that decision, that you’re ultimately in the wrong position. and there’s nothing wrong with being in the wrong position, but it simply means you need to find a role more suited to your skills sets and abilities.

Leadership isn’t meant to be easy, its about making choices and appreciating what the consequences of those choices are and being able to handle those outcomes as and when they arise, good or bad.

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