Bite the Bullet

starting TLC from idea to beta has taken 4 weeks, and you’d be surprised at how many twists turns and changes can happen in 4 weeks, and at some point, you just need to bite the bullet, and put your trust in your capabilities and experience, i can see why most start ups fail, too often startups are full of bravado rather than experience, so they take blind leaps of faith.

whilst i’m suggesting that you need to bite the bullet and ‘just do it’ that experience working in a company for a period of time, and getting some expertise will help you deal with all the twists and turns that you’ll encounter in a more efficient and effective way. Also, you’ll develop and cultivate relationships and friendships that can help you and support you.

yes you need to believe in yourself and have faith in your idea, but belief and faith in your idea come from having the experience to know if the idea is good or well planned, this can only really come from experience. and why, i believe, most start ups fail.

so yes, bite the bullet, chase that dream and be decisive in your execution of the plan, but before you even take that leap of faith, first make sure you’re experienced enough to make that kind of decision.

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