Pay It forwards

Often times, i’ve been told i’m too generous, with time, money, ideas etc. I’ve been lucky to see a few ideas i’ve spoken to people about, actually bear fruit and become successful. I think its important to maintain a sense of humility, it might have been my idea or suggestion, but all the risk, effort and time was done by someone else, it took me moments to think of something, and it’s nice to think i was part of what made a project successful, but the effort to get it from an abstract drawing on a napkin to something fully realised wasn’t my doing.

The valuable thing for me is that i’ve been able to make many friend, garner respect, build a reputation and get invited to do and work on some really interesting projects, simply off the basis of being helpful and ‘paying it forwards’. I really believe the more charitable and helpful you are the more it will repay you in years to come, at the very least you get more access to interesting people and you develop a reputation for being someone that can help.


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