TLC Week 5

This week the momentum has slowed a little, its a been a busy week from the perspective of ‘normal’ work which eats into the time TLC takes to setup, and drive. Finding that balance between work, life and forming a startup proves tough, but ultimately time working on TLC is very enjoyable, at the very least, there’s a belief in building something cool.

The Forum has been setup, challenges still remain around building noise and community, thinking of a way to make this community distinct and unique is now the focus.

TLC Week 4

We’ve basically soft-launched our concept, and now the hard work starts of executing on anĀ idea, the forum has been setup but not launched and we’ve setup and initial wechat community.

Spending time with one of the partners has been an amazing crash course in learning about business, investment and the VC world.

this is by far the fastest i’ve seen a project get off the ground! and its all really exciting.

TLC Week 3

This week has seem commitment to two projects – CoreBelt and MobZombie, at the same time progress with the TLC brand design and business structure and commercials is starting to gain more clarity and we’re now in a position where speaking to investors and developing the project into something more serious and legitimate is becoming a reality.

TLC Week 2

Its been a very interesting week of meetings and planning, our Business model continues to evolve, and we’re still trying to find the best way to product a fast Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of what we’re envisioning.

Whilst it appears like we’re going around in circles, with each revolution our idea distills and it gets clearer what we’re really aiming to achieve and HOW we’ll be able to achieve it.

What they say is true – the more you speak and meet people, the faster and more you innovate.

TLC Week 1

We’ve been working hard to put together our pitch deck and structure the business for all the founding partners.

Whilst there’s some clarity on the ideas and what we want to do, making it a viable, simple to communicate business proposition is proving a little more complicated.

We continue to add more project ideas to our portfolio.